I wrote this article in Japanese in August 2023, and the translation above reflects that original content."

I passed the USMLE STEP1. I'm overwhelmed with emotions.

As the title suggests, I wanted to report that I successfully passed the USMLE STEP1 this time.

A while ago, I failed at my first attempt, but with my second one, I managed to pass.

While on the Shinkansen, I opened the report, and halfway through, I found myself hyperventilating, but I cried quite a bit. When I calm down and analyze my current feelings, I think this joy is either equal to or even greater than the joy of passing. I entered medical school through a challenging transfer exam in my second year of attempts, and I faced failure in the USMLE STEP1 once before.

However, I have a decent level of confidence in my motivation to incorporate new knowledge into myself. Therefore, literally moving on to the next step and being able to start new studies is a significant joy for me. Yes, I'm a nerdy study enthusiast.

In the future, I plan to write about the schedule leading to USMLE STEP1 and the day of the exam. But what I want to emphasize is the reason I failed once. I don't think my article will be of much use to anyone, but the difference between me and other outstanding teachers in the USMLE blogs is that I have the experience of failing.

As a human, I don't actively want to share uncool things. In fact, as far as I researched, there were only a few articles by teachers who wrote about their experience of failing the USMLE. Maybe it's just because there are few people who fail. Nevertheless, I believe there is learning and lessons in failure experiences. When I watch history or sports, I focus more on the reasons for failure than on the reasons for success.

I apologize; I don't want to romanticize my failure. I am a loser who failed in an exam that over 90% of test-takers pass. Therefore, I would like you to take this loser as a negative example and analyze the reasons for the failure thoroughly. So, this is where I'll end it for now with the report of passing. Thank you."

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